Friday, September 21, 2012

Commodity, Trading & Risk Management

SolArc Right Angle  covers many specific business transactions across wide range of different Commodity Trading Business with unique business requirements.

One of our recent projects with a large State Owned Company in Middle East has given me a opportunity to explore SolArc Right Angel (SRA).

SRA was implemented to take care "Commodity Trading and Risk Management" area. SRA is a simple straight forward software to meet this requirements, Yet its highly flexible and scalable.

So far I don't have a clear understanding of the Product or neither client business requirement, as just recently I have started to explore this area of expertise. My previous ERP & Commodity Trade experience is helping me a lot to grasp the business requirement from the client point of view and I believe this will help me map the product with better understanding of basic user requirements.

I have planned to use this blog to post details of Business Process and the way its matched in SolArc Right Angle.

This Blog is open for all ! who work's on "Commodity/Energy Trading & Risk Management" area to post their review, white papers or any relevant useful documents which you may think would be useful & relevant.

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan
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